Indigenous Commonwealth Scholarships

Equity Scholarships applications for 2016–17 have closed.

Applications for 2017–18 will open on Wed 2 August 2017.

Commonwealth Scholarships for Indigenous applicants are funded by the Australian Government.

Upcoming changes

The Australian Government announced in the 2016 Commonwealth Budget that the existing Commonwealth Scholarships Program was being modified and combined with the Indigenous Support Program and the Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme – Tertiary Tuition provided by the Indigenous Advancement Strategy into a single program to be known as the Indigenous Students Support Program (ISSP).

These changes, which are to take effect from 1 January 2017, are intended to ‘create a new program to improve progression and completion rates for Indigenous higher education students’.

The Commonwealth has advised that they are in the process of preparing program guidelines for the new ISSP, including scholarship requirements.

We will publish details of changes to the Commonwealth Scholarships program as soon as they become available. Also check the institution websites for changes that have been made by individual universities and higher education providers.

How the changes affect your application

As the new guidelines for the ISSP are not yet known, the Equity Scholarships application and assessment process at UAC continues to be based on the existing guidelines for Commonwealth Scholarships.

Institutions participating in UAC’s Equity Scholarships program will continue to identify Indigenous students who have applied for an Equity Scholarship via UAC and see details of their financial and other eligible disadvantages.

It is expected that applications from Indigenous students assessed by UAC will be used by institutions in determining the level of assistance to provide to eligible applicants under the new ISSP. Indigenous students seeking support via the ISSP are therefore encouraged to apply for an Equity Scholarship through UAC so that their circumstances are reported to participating institutions.

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