How to apply for Equity Scholarships

The Equity Scholarships application gathers all the information needed to allow institutions to determine your eligibility for each of their scholarships.

When you apply, you don’t have to tell us which scholarship you’re applying for. The institutions at which you’re currently enrolled and/or from which you’ve received an offer of admission will consider you for all scholarships for which you meet the eligibility criteria.

You can only submit one scholarship application during the 2017–18 admissions period. Your application remains 'live' throughout this period.

If you make a mistake on your Equity Scholarships application, email Do not apply again.

Starting a new application

  1. Go to the ES application and select ‘Start your application’.
  2. Read the ‘Important information’ and ‘Things to remember’ then select ‘Proceed with your application’.
  3. Enter your personal details and linked institution information. You will be asked for details about your application for admission and/or current enrolment. If you don’t supply all the relevant information you may miss out on being awarded a scholarship.
  4. Select ‘Continue’, at which point your ES application number and four-digit ES PIN will be provided to you. Keep a record of your ES application number and ES PIN.
  5. Answer each question regarding the disadvantages you are eligible to claim.
  6. When you've completed all the questions, select ‘Continue’ and view a summary of your application.
  7. Read your ‘Summary of application’ carefully. If you need to make any changes, use the edit icon to go back and amend parts of your application. Once you are satisfied with the information you’ve provided, select ‘Submit’.
  8. Read the Declaration and Authority, check the box if you agree, and select ‘Submit my application’.
  9. Download your Confirmation of Application to check if you need to provide any supporting documentation to UAC.
  10. If you wish to check or change your application, go to ‘Manage your application’ and log in using your ES application number and four-digit PIN.
  11. Download your Document Package to check whether you need to provide supporting documentation to UAC.
  12. If you need to provide supporting documents, you can upload them via ‘Manage your application’.

Changing an existing application (including adding disadvantages)

Log in to your application to change or add disadvantages to your Equity Scholarships application. Do not start a new application.

If you add disadvantage/s to your application, remember to check your Document Package as you may need to supply additional supporting documents.

Additional disadvantages and all associated supporting documentation must be received by UAC at least seven working days before an Equity Scholarships offer round to be considered in that round.

If you have any queries about this process, email

  1. Go to Manage your application.
  2. Log in with your ES application number and four-digit PIN.
  3. To change your personal details or linked institution details, select the ‘Personal details’ tab.
  4. To change your disadvantage details, select the ‘Disadvantages’ tab.
  5. To download a confirmation of application, change your PIN or see a summary of your application, go to the ‘Home’ tab.
  6. To download your Equity Scholarships Document Package or upload your supporting documentation, select the ‘Upload documents’ tab.
  7. Save your changes.

Receiving correspondence from UAC

You must provide an email address when you submit your Equity Scholarships application. UAC will:

  • send you email messages when you have correspondence about your Equity Scholarships application
  • email you if you haven’t provided any, or sufficient, supporting documents in order for us to assess the disadvantages you have claimed.

Some email accounts might send emails from UAC to your junk folder. Add the domain to your list of safe email contacts to stop this from happening. It is your responsibility to check your emails regularly (including your junk emails) for any messages from UAC.

If you have a disability and are having problems with the UAC application process, contact us. You can call us on 1300 275 822 (from mobiles on (02) 9752 0200 or from overseas on +61 2 9752 0200) between 8.30am and 4.30pm (Sydney time) Monday to Friday, email us using the enquiry form or write to the Equity Unit, UAC, Locked Bag 112, Silverwater NSW 2128, Australia. We will help you with your application.


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You'll need your ES application number and ES PIN to log in and access your outcomes.
Check the lists of institutions participating in each offer round.