Providing documents

Once you have submitted your Equity Scholarships application, a ‘Scholarships document package’ will be produced automatically if you have to provide supporting documents. If you don’t receive a ‘Scholarships document package’ you don’t need to supply supporting documents.

To ensure your Equity Scholarships application is assessed correctly, all photocopied documents you submit must be legible and easy to read, especially visas and stamps with dates. UAC does not recommend you send original documents to UAC.

When do I provide documents?

Supporting documentation must be provided no later than seven working days before an Equity Scholarships offer round to ensure assessment is complete.

For Main Round Scholarship offers, your application and all associated supporting documents must be received at UAC by Friday 6 January 2017.

Check the dates by which documentation must be received for each offer round.

Change of name

If you have documents under a previous name, you must supply documentary evidence to prove your change of name, such as a marriage certificate, deed poll registration or other registration with the Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages.

The documentation must show your previous and current name/s.

Overseas documents

If your documents are not in English, you must supply a copy of:

  • the document in the original language
  • an English language translation of the document.

Your documents must be translated by:

Transferring your documents to a new application

You can request that your documents from a previous admissions period be transferred to the 2016–17 admissions period. The documents must relate to an application made within the last five years and you will have to pay a fee of $90.

To have your documents transferred, download the ‘Document transfer’ form, provide your card details as requested or enclose payment and post to UAC, Locked Bag 112, Silverwater NSW 2128.

Having your documents returned to you

We do not recommend you send original documents to UAC. However, any documents you provide to UAC can be returned to you for a fee. If the documents relate to the current admissions period, the fee is $42. If the documents relate to a previous admissions period (up to five years), the fee is $90.

To have your documents returned, complete the ‘EAS and Equity Scholarships document retrieval’ form, provide your card details as requested or enclose a cheque or money order for the relevant fee and post to UAC, Locked Bag 112, Silverwater NSW 2128.

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