Limited ATAR

Some institutions allow applicants completing Year 12 to use a Limited ATAR, along with other selection criteria, to gain entry to tertiary study. A Limited ATAR is calculated from the best 5 units of courses completed, rather than the 10 used for the standard ATAR.


To be eligible for a Limited ATAR based on your 2017 HSC studies, you must meet both of the following conditions:

  • be at least 20 years of age on 1 March 2017
  • be taking between 5 and 9 units of ATAR courses in 2017, including at least 1 unit of English.

Calculation of a Limited ATAR

The Limited ATAR is calculated using scaled marks from ATAR courses completed in 2017 and comprising:

You cannot accumulate a Limited ATAR and you cannot include Category B courses in a Limited ATAR.

Some institutions use the Limited ATAR in conjunction with other criteria for selection purposes.

Institutions that accept the Limited ATAR

Can you receive an ATAR and a Limited ATAR?

Yes. If you meet the criteria to receive a Limited ATAR and an ATAR, both will be calculated and and you will be notified of both. However, students usually receive a Limited ATAR in one year and and ATAR in a later year, once they have completed the required number of units.


If a student aged over 20 years studied eight ATAR units (including two units of English) in the 2016 HSC, he or she would have received a Limited ATAR in 2016. If the same student decides to study two additional ATAR units in the 2017 HSC, he or she will be eligible for an ATAR in 2017.

Under some circumstances it is possible for a student to receive an ATAR and a Limited ATAR in the same year.

Each institution decides whether to use the ATAR or Limited ATAR for selection purposes. Some will use the Limited ATAR in conjunction with other criteria.