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Access your 2016 ATAR
To log in, you'll need your Year 12 student number and your UAC PIN.

2016 NSW HSC students

ATARs are calculated for all ATAR-eligible students. However, only students who indicate on their HSC entry forms that they wish to be notified of their ATAR receive an ATAR Advice Notice from UAC. Written ATAR Advice Notices will start to be delivered the day ATARs are released.

Your ATAR Advice Notice includes:

  • your ATAR
  • a list of the ATAR courses you studied and the categorisation of each course
  • the number of units of each ATAR course that contributed to the calculation of your ATAR.

There are two cases where an ATAR will not be shown on your ATAR Advice Notice:

  • when you receive an ATAR between 0.00 and 30.00, in which case the ATAR will be indicated as ‘30 or less’
  • when you have not met the requirements for an ATAR, in which case the statement ‘Not Eligible’ will appear.

ATARs are released only to you and the institutions to which you have applied.

Lost your ATAR Advice Notice?

2016 Year 12 students can call UAC to request a replacement ATAR Advice Notice at no charge until the end of February 2017. After that date, you can request a replacement ATAR Advice Notice by downloading and completing a form then posting it, together with your $53 payment and a copy of your photo ID, to UAC.

The $53 payment applies to non-Year 12 students at all times.

2016 ACT Year 12 students

The ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies will issue your ACT Year 12 Certificate and Tertiary Entrance Statement (including ATAR) on Tuesday 13 December 2016. You can collect them from your college.

Information about the calculation of the ACT ATAR is available from the ACT Board of Senior Secondary Studies.

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