Course cut-offs

January Round 1 cut-offs

The course cut-off is the minimum selection rank (ATAR + bonus points) needed by most Year 12 applicants for selection into a course. Therefore, cut-offs are not the same as ATARs.

The cut-off doesn't represent the average ability of the students accepted for the course and does not reflect the quality of the course.

The interaction of three factors determines cut-offs:

  • the number of places available in the course
  • the number of applicants for the course
  • the quality of those applicants.

These three factors mean that cut-offs change from year to year and are impossible to predict before applicants are selected for a particular course in a particular year. The cut-off for any course can rise, fall or remain the same.

The undergraduate course search shows the cut-offs that Year 12 applicants needed for entry into each course in January 2017. Use these cut-offs as a guide only when deciding on your preferences.

Offers to applicants who have an ATAR (or equivalent) below the cut-off

There are a number of reasons why an institution might make you an offer even though your ATAR is below the course cut-off. These include the institution considering other criteria through:

Institutions may also award the following bonus points: